One of the most exciting and happiest things in life is when you and your loved one are ready to tie the knot, go on the new life adventures and spend the rest of life with each other. But before you start the newlywed life, you must complete the registration of marriage in order to legally get married in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, there are two categories of the marriage procedure, namely the Islamic procedure for Muslim couples and the civil procedure for non-Muslims. While a formal process of marriage registration is compulsory, wedding ceremonies are typically also conducted in accordance to the couple’s culture, tradition or religious customs.

There are 2 places for non-muslim couples to registration of marriage (ROM) in Malaysia:

  1. National Registration Department (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara)
  2. Church / Temple / Association by Assistant Registrar of Marriages

National Registration Department ( Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara JPN)

Application Requirements:
Head off to the nearest National Registration Department branch together with your fiance or fiancee, as you are required to submit the application in person.

The registration of marriage shall take place after 21 days + 1 day and not later than 6 months from the date of application. So you are advised to submit the application about one month before your preferred ROM date.

Arrange a date for your marriage to be solemnized by the Registrar of Marriage (usually takes place 3 weeks after your registration but not later than 6 months)

Required Documents:
Completed the official marriage application form, which is also known as Form JPN.KC02 at the National Registration Department. Remember to bring you and your partner’s Mykads and photocopies of it, and don’t forget to include one colour passport-sized photos for each applicant.

Where can I get the marriage registration application form JPN.KC02?

What If We Are From Different States?

Please note that, the marriage registration application must follow the address in Mykad. If the Mykad address of you and your spouse is different, you need to fill in form JPN.KC02 and make a marriage application based on the address listed on the Mykad. 

If your MyKAD address is Johor and your partner is Kuala Lumpur, you must submit the application at JPN Johor and your partner’s application must be submitted at JPN WP Kuala Lumpur or Putrajaya.

When sending the application, you and your spouse must inform the respective JPN that the ceremony will be done at the JPN that has been selected by you and your spouse. A letter of appointment will be given to you and your partner after the application has been submitted. In order to set the appointment date, the appointment letter must be brought to the JPN that has been selected for the wedding ceremony.

Otherwise, one of you needs to change the address on their Mykad so you can proceed to register your marriage in the same state.

Pay a total of RM30 for the whole process:
RM10.00 for certificate for marriage
RM20.00 for Marriage Certificate.

On Day of Solemnisation Of Marriage:
There will very likely be other couples who are registering their marriage on that day, so it’s always great to be early to avoid a long queue.

Dress up formally and Invite 2 friends or family members who are aged 21 and above, as your witnesses go to the National Registration Department together.

Please note that witnesses must bring along their original MyKAD, and be decently and neatly dressed, T-shirt, jeans, flip-flops or shorts are strictly not allowed.

Display of Notice of Marriage at least 21 full days or until 3 month have elapsed, whichever is the earlier.

Church / Temple / Association by Assistant Registrar of Marriages

Beside the National Registration Department, you can also visit a local Church, Temple or Association that is appointed as the Assistant Registrar of Marriages.
Depending on whether the church, temple or association is registered as an Assistant Registrar of Marriages, the process may be slightly different.

Application Requirements:
Fill out an application for registration of marriage at the office. The National Registration Department will assign an officer to solemnise your marriage, and you may arrange the time and date afterwards.
Submission of documents to the respective NRD office within one week from the date of solemnization and registration by Assistant Registrar of Marriages.

Required Documents:
For Malaysian citizens who want to register according to customary marriage or religions in churches, temples or association by the authorized Assistant Registrar of Marriages, verification of his/her marital status must be obtained from any of the NRD offices prior to the solemnization and marriage registration. Fee is at RM20.00 for marriage certificate.

A fee of RM500 will be charged. For the application for a licence to solemnise marriage, in a place other than the office of the Registrar under Section 21(3) Act 164.

For more information regarding register of marriage in Malaysia, you may refer to National Registration Department website.

On Day of Solemnisation Of Marriage:
Dress up formally and Invite your family members to witness the ceremony.

Now you and your partner are legally married, the next step you should do is to start preparing for the life time wedding ceremony. Read more on 7 Tips For How To Start Planning Your Wedding, or figure out why should you check-in guests at your wedding.

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