Why should you check-in guests at your wedding?

As you spend the most effort on wedding guest list planning, you will only get a rough idea of guest attendance, and it will never be 100% accurate. Your wedding guest list may change at the last minute, so you should always be prepared in case it does. A flexible and editable Guest List module in thebigday.my can help you cope with last minute changes easily and effortlessly.

Aside from that, there are various tasks to take care of on the big day. Guests should be welcomed with a warm smile, provided with simple instructions, and guided to their seats or to the ceremony location. Your ushers or reception helpers are the first people your guests will see when they arrive at your wedding. They play an important role at the reception, such as providing assistance to your guests, directing them to their seating and recording the attendance if guests, and sometimes keeping wedding gifts.

Ultimately, your ushers might not be able to fullfill the duities and answer your guestss’ quetions upon their arrival. Thankfully, time has changed, there is now a simple way of checking guest seats and keeping track of guest attendance with thebigday.my. Here’s how our Check-In module transforms wedding day mess into well-organised statistics.

What is check-in at a wedding

thebigday.my’s Check-In module provides a new way to tracks and monitor live guest attendance, as well as to assist wedding guests in checking their seating information with QR codes. It doesn’t required special scanners or hardware to check-in guests. You can use any internet-connected smartphone, tablet or other device with a camera.

Benefits of check-in wedding guests

  • Your wedding guests’ seats can be found quickly and easily with the use of scan QR codes.
  • Data from the guest check-in will automatically sync across multiple devices. It make sure wedding couples and ushers are aware of the guest status upon guests arrival.
  • Keep informed about check-in statistics with progress bar and percentages. Assess if all important guests have arrived and the event is ready to begin.
  • Handle last minute changes quickly. thebigday.my offers real-time statistics that will allow you to handle last minute changes in seating or guests without  a problem.

The easier way to check-in wedding guests

Checking in guests on your big day is tricky if your guest list is not properly designed. For example, instead of separating large group of guests as individual guests, group them into households for group check-in. This will reduce check-in time and make the ushers and helpers’ jobs easier. For a better guest check-in experience on your big day, follow these steps:

  • Group wedding guests into households for group check-in. You can create one group QR code to represent all of the guests in the group. Guests can simply scan one group QR code to check-in for everyone. e.g.: Jimmy & Family or Jimmy & Partner.

  • Whenever possible, use the guest’s full name instead of a nickname. You may also need to use the alternate name field if necessary. e.g.: instead of guests’ nickname “Tay”, enter guest full name “Taylor Swift”.

  • In order to search for guests more quickly, you can use keywords instead of the guests’ full name. e.g.: enter keyword “mo” or “mohd” to search for the guest name “Mohd Razali Bin Abdul Aziz”; for guests in Chinese name, just simply enter Pinyin keyword “xy” or “xinyi” to search the guest name “黄心怡”.

  • Be as detailed as possible when entering guest information. e.g.: input guest dietary request such as vegetarian, halal, dairy free etc.

  • While we suggest using guest QR codes to speed up guest check-in, it isn’t required to send QR codes to every guest. You can skip this process for those guests who are unfamiliar with QR codes, for example elderly guests. We have a smart search function that works perfectly when you check-in with the name of the guest.

How to check-in guests with thebigday.my

Scan Check-In

The scan check-in feature is only available on mobile devices with built-in cameras. The QR code can be scanned to check-in guests within seconds.

  1. Click on Check-In from the side menu.
  2. Click on Scan from the navigation menu to activate mobile camera to scan check-in.
  3. Scan a guest QR code within the frame. The guest seating details will be shown after scanning successfully.
  4. Click on Check-In button to finish guest check-in.
  5. The check-in data will be update automatically, you can monitor the live check-in rate at the homepage.

Smart Search Check-In

In additional to QR code check-in, you can also use the smart search check-in feature to assist the check-in process.

  1. Click on Check-In from the side menu.
  2. Click on the Search on the navigation menu.
  3. Enter and search guest name in keywords, the smart search will help you the find out related guest immediately.
  4. Instead of enter the guests full name, you can just enter guest name keyword to faster search guests. For example, enter keyword “mo” or “mohd” to search for the guest name “Mohd Razali Bin Abdul Aziz”.
  5. For guests in Chinese name, just simply enter Pinyin keyword “xy” or “xinyi” to search the guest name “黄心怡”.
  6. Click on Check-In button to finish guest check-in.
  7. The check-in data will be update automatically, you can monitor the live check-in rate at the homepage.

Check out our video tutorial

For a more in-depth look at how to grouping wedding guests with thebigday.my, check out our video tutorial.

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