When it comes to wedding planning, the very first big decision you will make is the wedding theme and style. A theme ties all the strands of your day together, to create a well-coordinated and stylish celebration. In other words, it can be one of the most difficult yet crucial tasks when planning a wedding. And it can be the main colour or colour plates that are used on the whole wedding design. For example, wedding gown, reception backdrop, centerpiece decoration, stationary etc.

In addition, the special approach that applies to the wedding design, such as the style of your boutique, venue, bridesmaids dresses, wedding car etc. Picking the right wedding theme that can describe you and your spouse-to-be personality. And make sure to implement elements from that theme throughout the whole wedding events. This is one of the vital decisions before you hire wedding vendors, it describes your imagination and makes communication easier. There are no rules when it comes to a wedding theme.

Pinterest is probably the best search engine to look through when researching ideas for your wedding. There are countless wedding photos and contents which can help you out when planning a theme for your wedding. Before that can happen, here are 10 most popular wedding themes that you can refer to use on your wedding as below:

  1. Minimalist
  2. Traditional
  3. Romantic
  4. Vintage
  5. Garden
  6. Rustic
  7. Tropical


The modern minimalist wedding theme is all about simplicity. Which emphasizes clean lines, different textures and minimal design. Insert the modern minimalist element on anything, from the wedding dress, makeup, venue decorations, to your reception backdrop. The key to all minimalist wedding designs is to keep it simple. The enemy of minimalist wedding themes is bringing too many elements together.

A minimalist wedding theme represents the “less is more” principle, focusing on what needs to be there. In this sense, minimalism encourages purpose. Clean lines, geometric shapes and neutral colors are key elements in a minimalist wedding theme. For example, white, black, gray, and cream are commonly used as the basis to a color scheme.


A classic and traditional wedding theme relies on different cultures and wedding etiquette. For example, to conduct a traditional wedding, brides will wear a baju kurung, the traditional Malay dress for women, whereas a Qun Kua for traditional Chinese wedding dress for brides.

These days, traditional weddings are more flexible and sophisticated. As a result, you are allowed to show your creativity to combine some modern elements to the wedding design. It transforms the main spiritual and elements of a traditional wedding to become a classic and elegant wedding.


Romantic wedding themes mainly employ white and blue with plenty of gold color. They are the key component to be applied in a romantic wedding theme. For romantic wedding decor, you can try a light and airy color palette and brighten your wedding with a lot of glimmer candlelight. Gold is the perfect accent color for warm tones like pink and red. Integrate this glitter color into your table settings, stationary, table number, as well as the table centerpiece.

Flowers have the ability to put people in a romantic mood. So if you look for a romantic wedding, then decorate your wedding venue with your favourite flowers. Florals play an extremely critical role throughout the wedding’s romantic symbols. By decorating a tree at the wedding reception walkway or beside the venue backdrop.


Vintage wedding themes are a kind of throwback to the good old days, giving us an entirely new and fresh experience. Its classic design inspires the wedding decor, venue, and color palette that you choose for the big day. Blush, mint green, light blue, ivory, and gray are the colors that create a soft vintage aesthetic with Old World romance vibes. Lace gowns are perfect and romantic, making them a primary choice for vintage wedding themes.

It’s less about using actual vintage items, and more about bringing a timeless, vibrant atmosphere to your wedding day. By using pieces that connect between past and present. For example, mixing details like antique candelabras.


Garden wedding themes are the perfect style to implement to your wedding if you’re dreaming of a fairytale wedding. Try to incorporate bright shades of blue, red, and yellow for a brighter wedding theme. Using blue or red roses, and sunflowers would match these colors well. You could even use darker colored greenery.

In addition, instead of the traditional round or square reception tables, seat your guests at long banquet tables. This creates an inviting atmosphere and encourages everyone to mix and mingle! Using stringed lights at your wedding reception is a magical way to add light and decor.


Rustic wedding themes emphasis on naturalism expresses itself in the rustic elements, such as the textures and design. It is often categorized by unique woven elements, floral-adorned tablescapes, wooden backdrops, and farm-to-table features. The main colors that represent rustic wedding themes like blush, green, and ivory.

Great lighting can transform the wedding reception or ceremony space, and it should be a major focal point of the wedding design plan. Natural materials such as raw wood, stone, and metals dominate in these designs. It is also a sophisticated blend of country, vintage, and ethereal wedding styles.


Tropical wedding themes can be created floral arrangements with vibrant tones and lots of texture. Decorate your wedding cake with tropical blooms, fruits and leaves to show all the coloring of your big day. You can try to use the right tropical plants in your wedding to make the wedding theme stand out.

Moreover, bright colors are a must when throwing a tropical wedding. You want to bring out the atmosphere that you are living in the island life. Incorporate bamboo, colorful flowers, palm leaves, and tropical fruits in your designs. You can create a leafy backdrop photo booth for your wedding guests. They will always remember the fun they had at your tropical wedding with a little touch of bold green leaves.