Marriage is one of your life’s biggest decisions. When you say “Yes” to him, meaning that you already found the better half and are ready to get married. Despite all the promises and vows, the wedding event is a part of your life time memories as well.

When holding each other’s hand, immerse in the happiness and blessing from your family and friends. We will suggest you to start planning the wedding as early as you can, therefore you can have enough time to well organize the event. Read the 7 tips for how to start planning your wedding before you start to organize anything.

Start hiring a perfect wedding collaboration team is the following step right after your engagement. While hiring wedding vendors is a big decision as they play an essential role in bringing the big day in your life. Therefore, you should make the wedding envision clear and determine the scope for each wedding vendor, to avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication.

To prevent the issue, we listed here below the 10 things to know before hiring your wedding vendors:

  1. Your wedding budget
  2. Number of wedding guests
  3. Your preferred wedding style
  4. Your wedding date
  5. The wedding venue
  6. Determine if you need to hire a planner
  7. Align cope and expectation
  8. Verify if the vendor understand your vision
  9. Terms and conditions
  10. Deposit or payment terms

Your wedding budget

Firstly, make sure you understand your financial health, determine your income and how much money you can use for the wedding at the same time not burning your wallet. Then, calculate and estimate the total money you will probably spend before hire vendors.

If you are on a tight wedding budget, do not conduct an expensive wedding that forces you to go into debt to pay for the wedding. A grand wedding is not equal to a happy marriage, do not put yourself into debts to have your wedding.

Number of wedding guests

Secondly, be clear about the number of wedding guests, so you know what to expect when hiring a wedding vendor. This info is extremely helpful when deciding on a wedding venue. We would suggest thinking about 80% to 85% local guests are likely to come to your wedding whereas out-of-town guests are about 70% to 75%.

Creating the guest list allows you to secure a venue and tighten up the catering and rental fees. To read more on 10 essential tips for making a wedding guest list.

Your prefered wedding style

It is necessary to define your wedding vision and style before you hire wedding vendors. Whether a modern or classic wedding, clarify how you want the theme and style to be presented on your big day. Especially for the wedding dress, flowers, decorations, and photography vendors.

To get a better idea of what you want, spend some time researching online or check out bridal magazines. By understanding what will make you feel comfortable on your wedding day, it will help you to choose the right vendor.

Your wedding date

You should at least determine the approximate wedding date if you don’t know the exact date before you hire a wedding vendor. It is vital to let wedding vendors know whether they are available for your wedding date.

The wedding venue

Some of the wedding venues have their preferred or exclusive vendor list. And it consists of selected vendors who are vetted by the venue. Thus, having an ideal wedding venue in your mind, which helps wedding vendors find out if they are able to support or are permitted vendors in the wedding venue list.

Determine if you need to hire a planner

Before hiring a wedding vendor, you should consider if you need a wedding planner to assist the planning process. Wedding planner helps you cut down complex jobs and save your time, so that you will have more precious time to immerse in the joyful wedding. A professional and experienced wedding planner can organize and execute a wedding event efficiently.

Since every wedding couple has a different situation, it is depending on your preferences to determine whether you need to hire a planner. Here’s the guide of 5 signs you should consider hiring a wedding planner.

Align scope and expectation

Sometimes the communications between wedding couples and wedding vendors can go wrong. Whether it is due to an unorganized way to communicate or because of complex messages that makes the confusion. As a consequence, both parties felt unfairly treated by the other and made each other upset.

To clarify your expectation, we would suggest you be transparent and honest to define the scope for the wedding before hiring wedding vendors. Details that you think may be irrelevant enable the collaboration team to know better and can lead to creative touches that help personalize your day. That is the best way to avoid confusion and misunderstanding between you and vendors.

Verify if the vendor understand your vision

Before signing up the package or hiring the vendor, you should as well check whether the vendor gets your thoughts. The result wouldn’t be great if the wedding collaboration team doesn’t understand your vision.

Talk to the prospect vendors, see whether he/she is able to visualize or foresee the wedding you want to present. Try to align the wedding vision as details as you can, clarify and prioritize things you cannot bear without it. If you realize they think differently, brace yourself and be clear to them.

Terms and conditions

You should read everything carefully in the contracts or packages provided by your wedding vendors. Make sure the document writes down every single wedding arrangement you want and as liaised. For example, the wedding dates and times of all services, date of the wedding and detailed description of services etc.

Make sure the contract includes the name and contact number of the person in charge, so the vendor should call if anything goes wrong or gets delayed during the wedding day.

Deposit or payment terms

You have no guarantees that vendors will hold the date of your wedding, before you sign up and put down a deposit or booking fees. Remember to check the deposit and final payment amounts, as well as the payment schedule. Make sure there are no hidden costs beside the discussed price.

Ask for a receipt when you make the payment or put down the deposit, that will make your life easier. In conclusion, don’t rush to sign up or hire the vendor, unless you are really confident and feel comfortable with it.

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