Sharing your wedding happiness with your guests is something you’d like to do. As well as making your guests feel important, you would like them to know how appreciated they are for attending your wedding. In fact, you can achieve that through your actions at the wedding.

It’s wonderful to make your wedding guests feel welcome and appreciated, starting with your wedding invitation and continuing through the wedding ceremony and banquet. It is essential to send a thank you message after the wedding to your guests, but it is not the only way to express gratitude.

Giving your wedding guests some love is an important part of the celebration. And here are 5 tips you can show your appreciation to guests at your wedding.

Tips 1: Spending Time With Wedding Guests

Enjoy your guests’ presence by chatting and having a good time with them. Don’t treat your guests like strangers. Be sure to take photos or wefies with your guests, and you should try your best to stop by each table to make your guests feel welcomed, cared for, and treated well.

Tips 2: Don’t Be A Bridezilla

Being a Bridezilla on your wedding day is actually looks awful on anyone! I know you would feel anxious, nervous, and panic when there are so many things suddenly happens on your wedding day. But try to relax, enjoy the beautiful day and give your guests a sweet smile.

Tips 3: Wedding Favours

You may think your guests won’t notice, or you might even think it’s a waste of money… but it is totally worth the effort. Guests notice (and appreciate) a good favor. A good or meaningful wedding favour can actually light up to show your appreciation to guests!

Tips 4: Warm Reminder and Venue Guidance To Wedding Guests

A warm wedding event reminder is a soothing action that showing you appreciate their presence on your wedding. It’s easy for your guests to find the wedding venue with a clear and concise wedding guest information guest landing page and GPS navigation.

WithThebigdays wedding planning, you can create a beautifully Guest Page make it easy for you to select prefer theme, customise wedding details and enable specific guest info on the landing page. An all-new feature lets you improve the experience with a single tap.

Tips 5: Send Personal Thank You Message After Wedding

A heartfelt thank you message after the wedding to show appreciation for attending your wedding. Be personalised and sincere, greet your wedding guest name and thanks for their presence to express your gratitude and appreciation.

Say thanks in your own way – whether with a handwritten card or a heartfelt digital message. Use Thebigdays’ Messaging Blast feature to effortlessly send personalised post-wedding thank-yous to all your guests. Make each message special, send them instantly, and leave a lasting impression!

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