So now you have planned everything for your big day. Therefore you will expect everything goes smoothly and stick to your plan. Even though people always said, you should relax and enjoy every single moment of your wedding day. However, I believe that there are 6 things no one tells you about your wedding day.

#1 Thing: The RSVP haters

Firstly, no matter how many times they tell you they aren’t coming. But at the end of the day, they will suddenly show up on your wedding without any notice.

#2 Thing: You won’t be able to eat

Furthermore, you will be super duper busy and chasing by your wedding program, so don’t expect to enjoy the foods on your wedding. You won’t have time to eat.

#3 Thing: Your cheeks hurt

Be prepared, your cheeks are hurting because you would be smiling all day.

#4 Thing: You might not actually see every guest

You won’t get around to chatting with every single guest at reception, there are too many things you need to take care of.

#5 Thing: Something will go wrong

Although you already planned everything but just be prepared, there will be certain things that will go wrong and people will notice.

#6 Thing: Tired and exhausted

You will be stressing over the wedding guest seating chart, guest list or excitement for the day to come. So you won’t get too much sleep.

Thinking to have a simple and easier way to manage your wedding guest? Read 8 Steps For The Perfect Wedding Guest Management. Be prepared and don’t get upset for all the unexpected issues, just be the best bride and enjoy your big day. Or figure out how Thebigdays wedding management app work during your wedding day.