5 Reasons Why You Should Use Digital Wedding Guest List

Are you stressed out over wedding guest list planning? Not sure how to start wedding guest list preparation? Here is a guide indicating 5 reasons why you should use digital wedding guest list that indicating how digital wedding guest list benefits you in wedding guest management.

1. Live Sync & Real Time Update

If you ever participate in wedding guest list planning, you must know how though it is. There are always a lot of guest list changes at the last minute, it makes you feel anxiety and stressful to amend the changes and manual update the guest list. That’s the main reasons why you should use digital wedding guest list. Digital wedding guest list helps you dealing with all the last minute changes and simplify guest management.

Thebigdays wedding management app support live synchronisation and real time guest info update. Changes on wedding guest name, number of pax, guest seating info, and number of tables are able to handle at your fingertips. The best thing is all the changes on guest list will live sync and update to all the login devices when it’s connected to internet. It reduces manual work to update guest list and print it out again and again.

2. Faster Wedding Guest Check In

Have you ever been waiting for long time while receptionist help check your seating info? Sometimes they will need longer time to find it out as it is quite difficult for receptionist to manual search for guest name that they are not familiar. Digital wedding guest list enable you to search using keyword and system will auto find out all the results just in a few seconds.

There is an ultimate and smarter way to check in wedding guest, scan guest QR code! Send your wedding guests an unique guest QR code before wedding, and they just use it as their wedding invitation to present at wedding reception. Receptionist just scan it with Thebigdays wedding management app to check guest seating and check in them within 3 seconds.

3. Gain Greater Insight of Guest Check In

Wedding ceremony can be a huge party to celebrate, you though you will be surrounded by good friends and laughter. In fact, it is hard to manage and understand how is wedding guest check in going on, all these can cause you to feel powerless at your wedding day. To avoid these issues, you need an accurate and visualise guest check in statistics to help you better understand your wedding.

Understand live wedding guest check in rate to help control wedding event start time. Watch guest attendance status classify in different colours in table view to help better understand the actual arrived guest seating. No more guessing game, Thebigdays visualised all the guest check in data, you can monitor and track guest check in easily.

4. Work In A Team, You Are Not Alone

Plan for a large wedding guest list can be very tiring, it is possible there are a lot of guest you don’t even know who they are. They can be your distant relatives, your father’s business partners, your mother-in-law’s friends or your fiancé classmates. It will be challenging and time consuming to combine and cooperate different guest list from your parent, in-laws and your fiancé.

Digital guest list allows multiple users to work in a team to plan and organise wedding guest list together. Everyone in the team can monitor the progress of wedding guest list preparation and add in their invited guests into the digital guest list. While Thebigdays reduces the time and workload of guest list combination, it also make your wedding guest management smarter!

5. Provide Intimate Guest Experience

Paper guest list have very limited space to include guest information in more details. There is always a better way to provide intimate guest experience. Digital wedding guest list are able to remind receptionist that this guest are vegetarian or guest need baby chair for their kid. So that you can organise a more intimate guest experience which make your wedding guest feel warm and comfortable.

No more paper guest list! Go paperless use digital wedding guest list now, upgrade your wedding guest management and start manage your guest smarter!

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