In traditional, wedding couples usually need to call or message wedding guest manually to check if the guest is attending. However, it is also a tiring and messy job that wedding couples have to do before their wedding.

Fortunately, nowadays technology has bring more and more convenient and flexibility to us, wedding couples could actually build their online RSVP website exclusively. Here are 5 reasons indicating why online RSVP is important in wedding planning.

Reason 1: Avoid Overspending

Online RSVP collects guest attendance information such as number of attending guest.  Thus, it helps wedding couples better estimate their guest headcount to avoid unnecessary waste and over budget on your wedding.

Reason 2: High Convenience

Online RSVP consolidates all guest information from all around the world in one place. Therefore, it is convenience for planning, tracking and managing your invited guest.

Reason 3: Impressive Invitation

Despite guest info collect, you are able to build personalised wedding RSVP website, customised invitation messages and share love story with guests. Most importantly, this upgrade your wedding experience and make it outstanding.

Reason 4: Avoid Wrong Guest Info

In addition, to create a memorable wedding,  you should always avoid unpleasant guest experience. Consequently, with online RSVP website, you can invite your wedding guest to verify and confirm their attendance information.

Reason 5: Reduce Manual Job

Feeling tired of keep changing wedding guest list in traditional way? Online RSVP is able to cut down and reduce manual job with automatically synchronise to your existing guest list.

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