What cause a bridezilla moments? Sometime it’s because you are too stress and tired, but some annoying wedding guest behaviour could make this thing happens as well. Here are 5 types of annoying guests at every wedding that you may want to know.

#1 The Silent RSVP

When guests don’t RSVP, you really don’t know what to think. Do you need to count them in or just leave it as “no i’m not coming”?The worst thing is the guest doesn’t RSVP but show up on wedding day.

#2 The No-Show

Every guest presence has been planned and paid for, your head count matters regardless of  budget. It’s rude enough to either not show up, or drop out at the very last minute. (for non-urgent reasons)  

#3 The Disrespectful Guest

You spent hours rearranging seating, but it’s inevitable that a few tables will be positioned at the outskirts of the event space. Sensitive guests will request to change seat, because they’re not at a “good” table.

#4 The Selfish Guest

Equally annoying is when guests ask you to move the wedding date. “I have a event that week and I’ll be so tired” It really making me sick if someone ask me to reschedule a wedding, because of the ridiculous reason.

#5 The Complaining Queen

Picky and fussy guest who keep complain on your wedding day. They’re not happy with the food, the decoration, wedding grown, wedding photos, and even your make up.

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