When it comes to planning your own wedding, the process can be exciting and interesting. However, sometimes wedding planning can be stressful and frustrating as well. It is mainly driven by the arguments and fights during the wedding planning. For example, you prefer a minimalist wedding theme and wish to save more money for a honeymoon. Whereas, your spouse-to-be insists on having a classic elegant big day party. The conflict can hurt your relationship if you can’t solve the argument.

You want everything to be perfect, and most brides like to call the shots when it comes to their special day. Here are 5 most common pre-wedding fights that mostly cause an argument between newly engaged couples. I would suggest you read it before planning your wedding. It gives you some insight that you can be prepared and know how to avoid the fights.

  1. Wedding Budget
  2. Family Expectation
  3. Partner Makes No Effort
  4. Different Vision
  5. Too Much Stress

#1 Wedding Budget

Money is one of the major arguments in wedding fights. If there’s one thing that will always cause fights between couples, it’s all about a different view on the whole cost of the wedding. You would prefer to spend more money on a wedding dress, but your partner would prefer to spend on the honeymoon. That’s because both of you are from different family backgrounds, it’s possible to have different view on wedding budget.

#2 Family Expectation

In most cases, marriage is about two families, not just two people. You and your spouse-to-be family may have a very different childhood and upbringing. This may lead you to be open to different expectations and interests. Two sets of expectations combined, when two big families united. It could be frustrating and push the couple to take sides or be defensive about their family.

#3 Partner Makes No Effort

This is a typical pre-wedding fight between newly engaged couples.When it comes to wedding planning, a bride who cares too much but a groom who doesn’t care enough. When you are busy researching your wedding style, but your spouse-to-be doesn’t want to share the workload. It would feel like you are doing all the job and your partner might feel left out, in the end it could easily cause an argument.

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#4 Different Vision

Another common argument for a pre-wedding fight is when you and your partner have different ideas, tastes or visions about the wedding. For example, you both can’t agree on the wedding theme and style. You prefer to run the wedding in a traditional way as you like the trending traditional wedding costume. But your partner might love the classic way as it is elegant and romantic.

#5 Too Much Stress

Bridezilla moments and anger toward each other is simply because you are too stressed. This is scary and makes you unpleasant to deal with. Everything would seem wrong when you are stressed and tired. You want a lovely wedding, but not at the expense of your relationship. To avoid this from happening to you, you may need to read 5 Signs You Should Consider Hiring A Wedding Planner.

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