In our life journey, there are many choices and decisions we have to make. Our future is determined by the decisions we make, whether it is good or bad choices. Especially the biggest decisions in our life: say “Yes” and get married to someone. When you make this decision, meaning that you’re willing to commit to a relationship for the rest of your life. The person you are marrying will be your partner for the rest of your life. And it will be the most important decisions you make in your entire life.

But before you make this critical decision, how do you know you are with the right person? A healthy relationship with the right person brings happiness to your life. Whereas, marrying the wrong person might make you feel lonely and upset. To determine whether your partner is really right for you, here is the guide of 6 signs you are marrying the right person:

  1. Enjoy the time you both spend together
  2. Attentive and taking care of you
  3. Strong trust to long distance relationship
  4. Put you as first priority
  5. Share your values and goals
  6. Calm down fast during an argument

Enjoy the time you both spend together

Time is precious, spend your time to stay with the right person who makes you laugh, feel comfortable and enjoyable. As a result, you will treasure every moment you spend with him / her. Looking forward to seeing each other when apart, enjoying every single moment when you both gather.

Indeed, you both should share the same envision of married life. For example, imagine the wedding, build a warm and cozy house, form your family, and raise up your children together. If you realize this, that is actually one of the signs you are marrying the right person.

Attentive and taking care of you

The right person should be an attentive person who is willing to take good care of you. They will notice when you are feeling exhausted or sick, and show care and concern when you are uncomfortable. At the same time, gentle and caring regard to your mind and body health.

For example, he gives you his jacket when notices you feel cold, gets you a hot chocolate on your period, and brings you to see a doctor when you are sick. In addition, put the phone away and pay attention to listen to you, showing he is engaged in the conversation.

He wouldn’t hesitate to give you a surprise and just to see you smile. Or give you a kiss in the most unexpected ways. The right person will always want to be more creative in keeping things intimate between both of you.

Strong trust to long distance relationship

Long distance relationships are hard to maintain. Many couples fail to create and maintain a healthy and trust in long distance relationships. It is extremely challenging while you have a lot of insecurities, it causes the lack of trust to your partner and can impact your relationship. Consequently, the uncertainties and lack of communication in a long distance relationship will end up not working.

However, even though you both are apart, your future spouse wouldn’t forget to maintain the long distance relationship if you are marrying the right person. It might be hard to communicate because both of you are too busy. But he will try to find time to talk with you or at least give an update on what’s going on in life. The right guy will constantly make you feel like he is right there beside you, heartwarming and cheering you on.

Put you as first priority

A right person will never fail to make time for you, he will always treat you as his only one and number one priority. If you face a problem, he will try to help you discover a solution and take care of your happiness even greater than you do. If something is important to you, then it is also important to him. He will definitely be willing to share the happiness with you.

When you feel unimportant, it greatly affects your relationship and you might start to doubt yourself what happens to your relationship. If you find a guy who will set aside time to see you, plans for the future of you both, and put you as his first priority, then he is the right person you can marry.

Share your value and goals

When it comes to keeping your relationship steady and fulfilling for the long term, you are advised to find the right person who can share your value and goals. Research indicates that relationships that are built on shared values are much more likely to become a long and lasting love. Certainly, a wonderful lover brings excitement and chills, but the one who shares your value and goals will stay by your side, giving you support consistently.

It is great to share values, regardless of your hobby, your relationship has a higher possibility of success. On the other hand, if you have no shared values but lots of common interests, you might have a fantastic time together for a while. But when it comes to decision making about marriage, children and careers, you could find that you lack the strong foundations that move you forward.

Calm down fast during an argument

All couples fight. Sometimes in an argument, we are simply expressing our emotions about what we are angry and furious at our loved one. But you can see his attitude during an argument, is he calm and trying to solve the conflicts instead of making the fight worse? Or he will listen to you patiently and never criticize.

A right person to marry will try to step back from an emotional argument. He will calm down fast during an argument, therefore elicit a warm, sympathetic, and loving response. Try to listen, understanding and respecting each other’s viewpoints, and finding common ground so that you can strengthen your relationships. As the result, he makes you feel the conversation is more pleasant and respond in a calm and mindful way.

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