In today’s world, wedding invitations don’t have to be sent through the mail to be perfect. There is also an upward trend in the use of digital invitations due to the fact that they are just as stylish, design-driven, and fitting for the occasion as traditional stationery.

However, you may have guests who do not have internet or e-mail access, such as elderly relatives, and will find a traditional invitation more accessible. This does not mean you need to send them a paper invitation, an SMS will be just as welcome, and appreciated. In addition, we are all almost always connected to our phones. Isn’t it awesome if all the wedding information your guests need to know could be conveyed via SMS?

As the bride or groom, you can benefit greatly from sending wedding invites and reminders via SMS. Not only are they more cost-effective than paper invitations, but they can also be sent and tracked more quickly and easily. Aside from that, you will be able to send messages over time to keep everyone updated on changes or reminders about upcoming events.

Benefits of blasting wedding invitation and reminder via SMS

  1. It’s Cost Effective. Traditional wedding invitations can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, once you calculate the cost of printing save-the-date notifications, the invitations themselves, RSVP cards, and envelopes. Using SMS invitations reduces the costs associated with paper invitations and allows your guests to communicate with you more easily. By staying connected, everyone can participate in the wedding ceremonies with a deeper level of intimacy.
  2. It’s Fast and Time Saving. While the process of designing, printing, stuffing envelopes and addressing invitations can take days to complete. Your wedding guests can receive the invitation or reminder messages via SMS within minutes.
  3. Track in One Place. Keeping track of which invitations or reminders have been sent, who has not yet sent, so no guest is left behind. When you use our SMS blasting module, you can easily keep track of those details efficiently and accurately.
  4. Keep Your Guests Up-to-Date. There are many little details involved in wedding days. With SMS blasting, your guests can easily get the information they need and there will be less confusion, making the planning process easier and less stressful.
  5. Embrace the Environment. Typically, wedding invitations are made from paper, and sometimes they have many layers and pieces. Due to the fact that not everyone recycles their invitation, this can have an adverse effect on the environment. SMS blasting is a much more environmentally friendly option for your wedding

Types of SMS for your wedding

  1. Invitation. Share your joy and happiness in a far more elaborate way via SMS. It’s an effective way for you to share the details and keep everyone in the loop in the days and moments leading up to your big day.
  2. Reminder. Perhaps the most important wedding reminder message for guests is the one that comes a week or two before the wedding. Sending guests a reminder SMS 1-2 days prior to your big day, make sure no one misses the ceremony and remind them of the time and location.
  3. Thank You Message. Generally, thank you messages are sent to your guests 1-3 days after your wedding, which is a nice way to thank them for attending and sharing your wedding day with you. As well as thank them for any gifts they may have given.

Text Message Wedding Invitation Samples & Templates

For some inspiration and ideas on wedding invitations and reminder messages, here are a few examples and samples.

Formal Text Message Wedding Invites

  • The honor of your presence is requested at the wedding of [YOUR NAMES] on [DATE OF WEDDING]. Please present your QR code at the link below at our reception for a smoother check in.
  • You are joyfully invited to the wedding celebration of [YOUR NAMES] on [DATE OF WEDDING]. Please present your QR code at the following link at our reception for faster check in.
  • [NAME OF GUEST], [YOUR NAMES] humbly request the pleasure of your company for their wedding on [DATE OF WEDDING]. Looking forward to your attendance.
  • [YOUR NAMES], together with their parents, invite you to join them in celebrating their wedding on [DATE OF WEDDING].

Informal Text Message Wedding Invites

  • Hi [NAME OF GUEST], you are invited to the wedding of [YOUR NAMES] on [DATE OF WEDDING]. Let us know if you can make it by replying to this message.
  • Join us for the wedding of [YOUR NAMES] on [DATE OF WEDDING]. Please present your QR code at the following link at our reception for faster check in.

How to Send Wedding Invitation Texts (Coming Soon)

With Wedding Planning System, you can upload your guest list with mobile number and send your invitations and reminders in just a few minutes and without a lot of effort.

  1. Go to SMS from the side menu
  2. Select a template message you would like to send in the Home page
  3. Edit the message content if you want
  4. If you are sending guest QR code link, make sure the URL toggle button is enable
  5. Preview the message content and click Next to continue
  6. Click on the Select Recipient button to select guests you want to send to
  7. Select guests in your wedding guest list and click on the Select button
  8. Click Next button to see the SMS blasting summary and click Next to blast the messages

That’s it. Everyone in your selection will individually receive the message you sent.